Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are Japan's Sensations hurting President Obama?

Lately, I've become bothered by advertisements with President Obama's images. I see them everywhere.

In Hokkaido, on club fliers, in front of Osaka restaurants and even on trains to Kanazawa. I can't help but wonder if the advertisements with President Obama pictures downplay the importance of his job to us?

Are we taking his role seriously?

Here are photos of products in the Obama store. The product to the right is bread in the can. Yes, canned bread. Canned bread isn't unusual. Japan has the most interesting food combinations I ever seen.

These items on the table display were posted on a previous post.

The cute sign is advertising white t-shirt prices.

A flier advertising an event.

The special edition of the newspaper. They gave them out for free. Now that was classy.

One side was in English and the other side was in Japanese.

Store is decorated with pictures of Japan events promoting or celebrating President Obama.

More pictures. I don't what higurashi+ the Kanji means. Japanese speakers, please help?

This book sold out completely all over Japan when it first hit the shelves.

Saki ceramic cups (I think). ;-)

Finally black t-shirts for ¥2500. They're are ¥500 = $5.00 more than white t-shirts.

Japanese translation of the books he wrote. I read "Dreams from My Father." Enjoyed.

Playing cards, WOW...perhaps this proves my point. Definitely can't get this as a gift for anyone.