Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama, Japan's Inauguration Celebration

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - The historical 44th presidential inauguration was the last event. We watched the ceremony at Sekumiya hotel.

I wondered what was on his mind as he walked to the ceremony. I thought he looked lonely, but that grin tells a different story.

I was so excited, I couldn't sit down. Those who know me, know how hyper I get when I'm happy.

I love their union. May God bless them.

It's 1 a.m. and we're at the event singing, getting interviews and ready for the ceremony. Me, Lucia Brea (she lives an hour away and came down to Obamashi), Ashley and Sara.

We The People...rang the Peace Bell.

The Obamashi Hula girls ringing for peace.

Mr. Fujiwara of Sekumiya Hotel is one of the Obama for Obama founders. Mr. Fujiwara was the first interviewee for my In Obama For Obama project.

Frontin' (slang for pretending) like I'm ringing the bell. The organizers would not let us ring the bell until after the priest finished the ceremony. It's a great photo op. :-)

The MAIN EVENT: Ringing the Peace Bell for WORLD Harmony.

Obama, Fukui Prefecture, Japan: Hagaji Temple priest Tamagawa Shouryuu, rings the Peace Bell during the President Barack Obama Inauguration Celebration at Hagaji Temple. This information is from Darrell Miho. He told everthing and I mean everything. Click here to read his story.


Mr. Tamagawa of Hagaji Temple is another founder of the Obama for Obama group.

Mr. Tamagawa was the first to report the namesake to the former Obamashi mayor.

The Peace Bell

The Obama group was performing. The Hula girls were their backup dancers. Those ladies were freezing.

Darn the cameraman blocked my clear shot. The group was singing the famous"lalalalalala O-BA-MA song.

The Obama Mascot

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 was sung by the choir.

The Obamashi Hula girls kicked off the performances.

Ashley, Sara and me. I love the positive impact the election had on people worldwide. Will the momentum continue?

My former neighbors that helped me settle into Obamashi, Japan joined the celebration.

An American, Sara Wall, showed off her election paraphernalia.

Konishi San sang in the choir; then hung out with us to enjoy the rest of the event.

Canned Bread?!?! I guess they were thinking it could stay fresh for tourists to take home. It tastes like Saltine Crackers without the salt.

I (Heart) OBAMA Noodles- tasted like Soba noodles. It was おいしい! Oishi means delicious in Japanese. I heard they were made from rice too.

The Obama Saki- is a white liquor. It tastes like, hhhmmm, a less potent vodka. It is distilled from rice. Very appropriate since Obamashi (actually most of Japan) is covered in rice fields.

Free $0.99 - I hustled (some say bargain, others say haggle) this Saki. Yep for free. :-)

The Food Court - had complimentary hot food and tea. They also let us taste their new Obama creations. Nice strategy to get us to buy products. It worked.

A random couple at the Hagaji Temple event, enjoying my random act. I put my cap on his head since he was admiring it. He was cool with it, he looks uber happy. Spontaneity is fun!

Lunch before the inauguration events kicked off, overlooking the sea. Got to eat to live.

Ashley Hayes came from Nagano to celebrate. This sister is fluent in Japanese, a Columbia graduate and down-to-earth. Konishi San is an Obama resident. She is fluent in English, a violionist and a fun, high-spirited lady.

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