Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama City celebrates Successes

Wednesday, March 12, 2008- In Obama City, Japan we celebrated both of Senator Obama's wins with a visit from Kenyan American Leah Sekumeyyer. She came to visit Obama City, Japan from Silicon Valley, California. Sugoi! (Sugoi means great or wow.)

Leah was so kind, she brought Obama gifts for the Obama for Obama main members.

The organization honored her with Obama apparel to show their appreciation.

She is sporting the Ha-gi. Yes, I wanted to take it from her, but she wasn't "having it." She was a great person to meet, anyhow.

When she first gave us the Obama support stickers, buttons and posters we were ecstatic. Check it out. I can't believe she brought this all the way to Japan. Inspiration is motivation to act.

Leah and Maeno pose as she receives her Obama t-shirt.

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