Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Obama Mania

"Change We Can Believe In"

These are the supporters wearing I Love Obama gear.

She's flaunting her spring-styled yellow Japanese Kimono with flowers. What's on her waist? The Kimono is a traditional Japanese garb worn with an obi. This is an Obama obi. I was in AWE at the sight.

The Obama styled obi pictured Senator Obama's face in the front and back. This is the Japanese Obi up-close.

The Obama Japanese Manjyu sweets came in that box, accompanied with the advertisement for the sweets.

The "I Love Obama" Manjyu sweet with Senator Obama's picture. The Japanese sweet is made of flour and bean paste. It's oishi! (Oishi is the Japanese word for delicious.)

These are Manjyu sweets too, the wrapper has the Obama namesake. It was created as part of the Obama- mania and is sold in stores. The Manjyu with Senator Obama's picture were especially made for the party.

The infamous Obama hamburger is made up of two fishes. The explanation is on my YouTube video, check it out. It's oishi, too.

The Sushi roll I was unable to eat. It is made with pork but I heard it is great. On the wrapper it means "The will to win." OBAMA!

These are all food creations to celebrate the Obama namesake. Inspiration...

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Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! I'm trying to do research on the Obama phenom in Japan. Would you be willing to be interviewed? Please contact me