Sunday, March 9, 2008

Omizu-okuri Festival caught Obama Fever

The Omizu-okuri festival concluded with the pouring of the water into the river. We wore our Obama apparel the entire night. We Love Obama!

This is Danny and Yuki, a couple from Tokyo. They traveled from Tokyo to Obama to check out the "Obama Fever" that is happening here and participated in the festival too. I got a chance to talk to both of them. Danny is from Kenya (where Senator Obama's dad is from.) Yuki's from Tokyo. I am in awe how U.S. Presidential nomination Barack Obama is inspiring the WORLD. You see it!

I went to Sekumiya Hotel to meet with the Obama for Obama group. We traveled in a van to Jinguji Temple, where the festival began. The picture below is the ceremony at Jinguji Temple followed by us walking to the river.

The "Obama for Obama" group graciously allowed Bill and I to participate in the Omizu-okuri festival. We happily joined in the tradition and sported our Obama apparel. "Yes We Can!”

Sunday, March 2, 2008- Obama City's annual Omizu-okuri (water carrying festival) attracts thousands of people. The festival's purpose is to send water to Nara City and Nara City receives the water during the Omizu-tori festival 12 days later. This year "Obama for Obama" and tourists wore their Obama apparel at the event. The flaming lights are thousands of folks walking to the temple to deliver water. It was an AMaZiNg experience.

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