Monday, February 16, 2009


They got distracted. Al Loves the kids!

Celebrating Obama's win with my students on November 5th.

The President and Vice President. Let us make progressive change.

All of the Hula groups gathered on stage to dance and chant "Obama".

Aww... the children were celebrating too.

High school students attending the Obama party is Huge! Trust me.

Obama Hula Girl's yellow ensemble, I had to get a picture.

Obama's Hula Girls.

Hula Girls.
I wanted this baby tee-shirt. This is when the phrase went from "I Love Obama" to "I Heart Obama."

Finally, the entire Obama music group together. It was challenging to get them all at once. They were busy partying.

The Obama mascot.

The Obama music group.

English teachers came out for the election results and celebration.

Mr.Dennis N.O. Awori, Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Japan and the Mayor of Obama, Japan

Obama Saki, anyone?. :-)

'Obamaburgers' are made of fish. They're tasty.

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